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      Clothing sizes

      Our clothing sizes are mostly in European sizing, which is based on the child's height in centimetres rather than the age.  Although in Ireland and the UK we are used to age-based sizing, when you think about it, height-based makes far more sense!

      The best starting point is to measure your child's height - once you know your child's height, most of our brands are true to size. Where they are not, we have advised in the product description that you may need to size up or down. As we all know, sizing can vary widely between brands so we've done our best to point out any products we feel are not true to size.

      We have also included the brand's own age range for their height-based sizes, for your convenience. 

      If you have any questions at all, please email us at orders@rainbowkidsboutique.ie - we're always glad to help! 


      Shoe sizes

      Shoes sizes are slightly trickier, particularly as the brands we stock (Jack&Lily and Livie and Luca) are both north American based and use that sizing. This makes the sizing even more confusing for you!

      We have included the UK size first in the shoe sizing, as most people in Ireland and the UK get frazzled when faced with US and EU shoe sizing!

      Livie and Luca

      Livia and Luca have a few different sole types, each width a different width and flexibility.

      The Turf sole is the widest and most flexible of the sole options and is excellent for new walkers. The Trac sole is nice and wide but not so flexible as the Turf sole and better for more confident walkers. The Honeycomb sole is lovely and light and flexible and a good wide fit, although slightly narrower than the other two, but has the benefit of going up to US13. However it does have a little bit of stiffening in the heel so again preferred for more confident walkers. 


      Measuring feet

      It's good to measure more than once, at different times of the day, as feet can grow and shrink throughout the day! 

      To ensure you get an accurate measurement:

      - make sure that the child is standing up straight

      - make sure that you are fully including the child's heel - put the foot against the wall or keep the pencil vertical if drawing around the foot. 

      - make sure the child's toes are properly spread and relaxed rather than gripping the floor

      Check out the Livie and Luca size guide and measuring advice here: https://www.livieandluca.com/pages/size-chart



      Jack and Lily sizing

      Jack and Lily produce shoes and boots with two different soles - My Mocs and My Mocs Boots have the more flexible sole while the sole on My Shoes and My Boots, while still considered a barefoot-type sole, is not quite as flexible.  Jack and Lily don't have different width soles, however, some styles suit wide feet only and where this is the case, we have included that information in the product description. 

      Jack and Lily advise different sizes depending on whether you are buying  My Mocs or My Shoes.  It's a good idea to print off their size guide, or you can measure as per the instructions on this page. http://www.jackandlily.com/sizing/