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      YumBox's leak-proof and child-friendly designs make them the perfect food storage options for all the family! In a variety of configurations and colours.

      The latch is easy to open for little ones and foods don't mix due to the non-leak design.  Great for sandwiches, salads, mezzes or anything else you can think of!


      Which Yumbox should I choose?

      The most popular for children starting school is the Original and the Panino, depending on whether or not the child likes to take a sandwich.  If room for a sandwich is required, then the Panino is ideal. The Classic is the same size but it has a different layout, of smaller compartments.


      The Classic and the Snack are both popular for preschool - depending on how long it is and how big your child's appetite is! 

      Tapas is best for adults or for bigger kids - or little kids with big appetites.  

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