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      Livie & Luca offer an array of different sole types within their range; each one is a slightly different length and fit. 

      Each sole measures and fits a little differently so do check out the measurements below and the individual fitting notes for each shoe.

      The Turf sole is the widest and most flexible of the sole options and is one of our favourites for a new walker. The Trac sole is nice and wide but not so flexible as the Turf sole and better for more confident walkers. The Honeycomb sole is lovely and light and flexible and a good wide fit, although slightly narrower than the other two. However it does have a little bit of stiffening in the heel so again preferred for more confident walkers.  

      The Path sole is medium width and not as flexible as the Turf sole but there is still a good degree of flexibility. We recommend for more confident walkers.

      The Dancer sole is narrow and not as flexible as other soles in the range.

      Check out the chart below. Please note that the size referred to is the US SIZE.

      Livie & Luca Size Chart