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      Froddo Toddler Shoes and Boots

      Dressy Leather Sandal - Brown – Little Feet Childrens Shoes





      Trainers size chart.  The chart below shows the length of the sole. Please measure your child's foot and add 1.2cm.


      Size  Insole Length in mm
      EU25/ UK8 162
      EU26/ UK8.5 168
      EU27/ UK9.5 174
      EU28/ UK10 181
      EU29/ UK11 187
      EU30/ UK11.5 194
      EU31/ UK12.5 201
      EU32/ UK13.5 207
      EU33/ UK1 214
      EU34/ UK2 221
      EU35/ UK2.5 227
      EU36/ UK3.5 233
      EU37/ UK4.5 239
      EU38/ UK5.5 246
      EU39/ UK6 252
      EU40/ UK7